Your dog or cat may have a skin rash or irritation that they can’t stop scratching. If this occurs, it’s important to get dermatology treatment to identify what is going on with your pet. At Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, we provide dermatology services and routine care when you believe that your pet is suffering from allergies.

Pet Allergy Symptoms To Watch For

Out of control scratching is usually the number one sign your pet is dealing with allergies. Cats and dogs don’t have the ability to stop scratching, even when it causes further irritation and fur loss. When your pet is scratching, allergies are suspected. Your pet may also sneeze frequently, and have water discharge coming from their eyes. Just like people, if your pet is dealing with allergies, they may appear sick or have less energy than normal.

How Pet Allergies Are Treated

Treatment for pet allergies in Long Beach begin with a thorough exam to determine if allergies are the problem. If your pet is scratching, a cone will be used so that any raw skin can heal. In addition, our veterinarian may prescribe allergy medication or topical cream to put on the rash. Pet allergies are treated much like allergies in people, and you will be encouraged to avoid allergy triggers as much as possible to help your pet feel more comfortable.

Treatment For Pet Allergies In Long Beach

If your dog or cat has a skin rash, or is scratching from irritation, it’s time for dermatology care that will help your pet feel better. Contact Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital by calling 562-439-4228 and setting up an appointment. We will take a careful look at your pet to determine what is causing their rash and irritation, and develop a treatment plan that is right for your pet.

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