When you are considering your pets’ health, don’t forget how very important their dental care is. At Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital, serving Long Beach, CA, we can help you better understand your pets’ dental needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Does Dental Care Matter?

Most people do not give a lot of thought to their animals’ dental needs. This is one area of pet health that often flies under the radar. The truth is, though, your pets’ teeth and dental health can affect many other aspects of their well-being.

Keeping your pets’ teeth healthy can prevent many types of infections and even heart conditions that could have a negative effect on their long-term health.

How Do I Care for My Pets’ Dental Needs?

Your pet should have a regular dental check-up just like you do. During this type of visit, our veterinarian trained in pet dental care will be able to evaluate your animal. We can check for any signs of dental problems and give your pet a thorough dental cleaning.

During this visit, you will also be able to talk with our vet about the preventative care you can be doing at home. We will advise you on how to best clean your animals’ teeth and what types of things to avoid for long-term dental health.

What Can I Do at Home?

If you want to protect your pets’ dental health long-term, there are some things you should avoid. Do not let your pets chew on things that are not intended for them to chew on. This can include sticks or other rough objects that might puncture their gums or harm their teeth.

You should also use a vet-approved dental cleaning method for your pet. Discuss this with our veterinarian during a visit.

To learn more about how to keep your pets’ teeth healthy, contact us at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital, serving Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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