Pet owners understand the need for spay and neuter services, vaccinations, annual health checkups, and emergency care for their pets. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how beneficial pet nutritional counseling can be toward an animal’s long and healthy life. Just like people, pets have dietary needs, unlike people, pets are unable to explain what those needs are. The experienced veterinarian and staff at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach understand the need for preventative health measures including a healthy diet for your pet, so she can be happy and remain a great friend on a daily basis.

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What You Can Expect with Pet Nutritional Counseling

Assuming your pet doesn’t have an existing health issue that requires special dietary needs, pet nutritional counseling is advice toward what kinds of foods are good for your pet. The service is especially useful for first-time pet owners and can be helpful for people who have had pets before because all dogs and cats are different. Different breeds and individual pets within the breed have different needs according to size and weight, age, energy level, and what they like. A routine veterinary examination will allow the veterinarian to examine your pet for health issues and ask you questions about what they eat and how they act before and after meals, and in turn provide suggestions for what foods and snacks, along with how much, is going to best suit the needs of your pet.

Why Veterinarians Provide Nutritional Counseling

Certain diseases such as diabetes or blood pressure problems require a special diet as part of treatment, but there is another consideration about pet diets. Have you found a certain food gives you heartburn and indigestion, or another food makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable? The same is true with pets, except they don’t have the means of telling you they have a tummy ache. They also may not realize the food is what causes the discomfort, and even if they did, they eat what you give them and don’t have the option to choose something different for their meal. A veterinarian will be able to help you determine a food your pet likes which is healthy for them and makes them feel great after eating.

Contact a Veterinarian in Long Beach

To help care for your pet with routine vaccinations, annual checkups, nutritional advice, or to provide care when they become sick, it’s important to keep in touch with a local veterinarian. Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach provides comprehensive services and is prepared to treat emergencies during regular hours or reference a 24-hour emergency care center for after hours. You can call us at (562) 439-4228 to schedule an appointment today!