As you probably know, even a single dog or cat can be real handful to take care of– so you can imagine what an entire litter of puppies and kittens might do to your household serenity, not to mention your grocery and veterinary bills. Many pet owners consider spaying or neutering their pets for that reason alone, but there are other important reasons to give your beloved pet this form of preventative surgery. Here at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach. CA, we’re happy to offer spay & neuter services for Long Beach canines and felines.

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Sexual Sterilization and Your Pet’s Health

It’s no secret that surgical sterilization of animals can prevent unwanted pregnancies. Spaying or neutering your pet can help ensure that you have only as many pets as you can reasonably support. This means fewer puppies and kittens that must be handed over to animal shelters, where many animals must be destroyed every year due to lack of available resources.

But spaying and neutering also helps the pet who receives the surgery. For one thing, sterilization can greatly reduce your pet’s overall disease risk. The worry over aggressive cancers such as uterine, testicular, and ovarian cancer can be literally eliminated by removing these reproductive organs. This removal also lowers the risks of breast cancer and prostate disease. Since the organs that produce sex hormones are no longer present, your pet will not be subject to the discomfort and behavioral issues (such as aggression and roaming) that commonly accompany heat cycles.

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