If you have an exotic pet, it can be difficult to find the proper veterinary care for it. Birds and other exotic pets need specialized care. At Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, CA, our veterinarians can care for your exotic pet. Our team is qualified and experienced in handling many different types of exotic and avian pets.

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Services for Exotic Pets

At our animal hospital, we offer dental, medical, and surgical veterinary care for your exotic pets. This includes therapeutic, diagnostic, and radiology services. We know that every exotic pet is different. Animals we care for include birds, reptiles, small mammals, and more.

Often times, it is difficult to care for an exotic pet. Birds and other exotics need specialized medical attention that isn’t always easily available. Our animal hospital offers any services your pet needs, including emergency care. It is important to learn about your exotic pet so you know when it needs veterinary care.

When Do Exotic Pets Need Veterinary Care?

Just like cats and dogs, exotic pets need routine wellness exams with our veterinarians. However, there are other times that your pet needs care that you may not notice. One important sign is changes in your pet’s feeding pattern, which could indicate that it is not feeling well. For instance, if you own a bird, it is easy to know when it is not feeling well. The bird will not finish the amount of food or water it normally does. There are many diseases that birds can suffer from, including avian tuberculosis. It is important to seek veterinary treatment if you notice even a small change in your pet’s behavior. This will allow us to treat the condition and prevent it from worsening.

Additionally, if your exotic pet is having difficulty breathing, has extreme fatigue, or cannot rest, it needs emergency care.

As an exotic pet owner, it might be challenging to determine whether your pet’s condition requires immediate medical attention or not. We recommend speaking with our veterinarians about care for your specific pet. We can tell you about signs and symptoms of illnesses to look out for.

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Being an exotic pet owner is a big responsibility. Luckily, we can help. At Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, CA, our veterinary team is trained to care for exotic pets. Our range of veterinarians services includes medical care, boarding, emergency services, and more. We also offer mobile vet services, so your bird or exotic pet can get veterinary care right from the comfort of its home. Our team’s goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for your exotic pet, call us today.