Losing a canine or feline companion can be heartbreaking, especially if you’ve had your pet for years. You never know when your pup will wander off during an excursion or get separated from you in a crowd and get lost. By taking measures to protect your pet, you increase your chances of getting him back if he were to get lost or stolen. If you live in the Long Beach area, you can bring your pet to Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital for microchipping. Microchipping provides a safe and effective means of recuperating a lost or stolen pet. Here’s why microchipping is so important.

Proof of Ownership

Although pet collars and I.D. tags are useful in protecting your pet, they can break or fall off, leaving no way for people to identify your pet or determine where he lives. In contrast, microchipping provides a permanent means of identifying your pet.

Microchips are tiny computer chips that are implanted underneath your pet’s skin where they can’t fall off. This chip is linked to your contact information to verify that you are the true owner of your pet.

Recuperating a Lost or Stolen Pet 

Once your pet is microchipped, you’ll need to register his chip in a pet registry to make your contact information available to vets and animal shelters in the area. Most vets and animal shelters have scanners that can read the information on your pet’s microchip, so they can contact you once your pet is found.

Microchipping is a quick and painless procedure that gets effective results. If your pet is lost or stolen, a microchip can be instrumental in helping him return home. Knowing you are increasing your chances of being reunited with your lost cat or dog makes microchipping well worth the modest cost.

See Your Long Beach Vet for Microchipping Your Dog or Cat

To learn more about microchipping your pet or to schedule an appointment for microchipping your feline or canine companion, contact your Long Beach vet at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital by calling (562) 439-4228 today.

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