The term Spay & Neuter refers to surgical sterilization. Spay is specifically for female animals, where neuter is referring to fixing a male animal. The pet must be under general anesthesia, and as with any surgery, exact care and a sterile field are required. At Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital we offer top quality surgical services to our patients. We serve pets in and around the Long Beach area.

What are Some Spay & Neuter Benefits?

According to WebMD, over 5 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year. This is due to the fact that there are more dogs and cats than there are people to take them in. Spaying or neutering an animal makes sure that many new lives are not lost or miserable and hungry. The benefits to the procedure go well beyond reducing the amount of shelter euthanasia cases though, there are actually very important health perks to having your cat or dog spayed or neutered.

The main perk may come as a surprise. Did you know that spaying and neutering greatly reduce the risk of certain types of cancer in both dogs and cats of both genders? This means you and your pet will have many more healthy years than if you did not get them fixed. Another benefit is one of safety if you get your pet spayed or neutered they will not have the urge to run away to find a mate when they go into heat, because they will never go into heat at all. This keeps your pet safer than if they run the streets.

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