Pets, like humans, can experience anxiety that can stem from many causes. However, pet anxiety can be treated and managed, helping pets feel more at ease and promoting a healthy life. If your pet suffers from anxiety, seeing a veterinarian can help provide treatment and guidance to ease anxiety-related symptoms and behaviors. Our team at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach offers quality veterinary care to help treat your pet’s health and can provide advice to help treat your pet’s anxiety.

Anxiety in Pets

Pet anxiety can manifest in various ways, including whining, barking, shivering, and whimpering. Some pets with anxiety also demonstrate destructive or hostile behaviors. Some pets also develop a loss of appetite and can become completely withdrawn. Common reasons pets experience anxiety may include fear of abandonment, loud noises, traveling, and being around strange people or other pets.

Veterinarian Tips to Help Treat Pet Anxiety

There are several ways to help your pet deal with their anxiety, and each method is unique based on what is causing the stress and your pet’s overall health. Common ways to help calm your anxious pet may include taking them out for some exercise or removing them from the source of their anxiety. In addition, physical contact, such as petting or massaging your pet, can provide them with comfort. Other treatments may also include music therapy or a calming jacket or blanket.

Visit Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital for Pet Anxiety Treatment

If your pet suffers from anxiety, seeing one of our veterinarians in Long Beach can help you determine what is causing the stress and provide treatment options. Our vets can give you tips and tricks to help with anxiety, and if needed, can provide medication to help calm your pet down. In addition, our veterinary care team at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital can help provide your pet with care and treatments for anxiety. Call our office today at (562) 439-4228 to schedule an appointment with one of our vets.

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