Fleas and ticks can become quite a nuisance for both pets and their human companions in warmer weather seasons. Our experienced veterinarians in Long Beach at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital understands your plight and is here to offer some solid advice concerning flea and tick prevention methods and what to do if an infestation occurs. After all, these pests can cause various skin irritations as well as serious illnesses like typhus and Lyme disease, so parasite prevention is always the best medicine.

Flea and Tick Parasite Prevention Methods

There are a variety of methods available today that can help prevent fleas and ticks. Oral, topical, and environmental preventative methods can be discussed with our veterinarians.

Check Your Pets after Outdoor Activities

With so many nice beaches, parks and places to explore around Long Beach it’s inevitable that ticks and fleas will be harbored someone along the path. Take a few minutes after returning home to give yourself and your four-legged friend a good looking over for signs of fleas or ticks. Places where these pests like to hide include around and in the ears, on the tummy, under the tail near the anus, on the feet and near the eyes and lips. Remove any ticks right away with tweezers and take action to eradicate any fleas that have gotten past your preventives.

Eradication Tips for Fleas and Ticks

Ticks don’t tend to become the nuisance that fleas do, as fleas multiply like crazy, are really small, and they lay eggs everywhere. If your home becomes infested, it’s likely your pets are, too. Eradication requires planning a day where pets can be away getting flea and tick treatment and the home receives a major fumigation to kill the pests. Serious infestations may require the assistance of pest control professional.

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We have a huge selection of veterinarian approved parasite prevention methods available in our office. Contact Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital at 562-439-4228 to learn more!


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