You want to make sure your beloved pet lives a healthy and happy life. Two of the easiest steps you can take to achieve that goal is by giving your pet monthly parasite prevention and staying on top of their vaccination schedule. At Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, our professional staff can help protect your pet against harmful fleas and ticks.

Flea Prevention

When you have pets, it’s not a matter of if your pet will get fleas, but when. Fleas not only cause intensely itchy bites but transmit tapeworms and other diseases like bartonellosis (cat scratch fever). Vaccinations and monthly medications can help protect your pet against fleas and ensure your pet’s system is prepared to fight common parasites.

Tick Prevention

Another bonus of flea prevention medication from our veterinarians is that it also prevents ticks. Like fleas, ticks spread many diseases, such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Breaking the Chain

When you get your pet vaccinated, you stop the chain of transmission of sickness and infestation from pet to pet. For example, rabies spreads through contact with the saliva of infected animals. When rabies vaccines were originally mandated, the rate of rabies deaths went down significantly. Although rabies cannot be fully eradicated, vaccinating your pet greatly reduces the chances of your animal getting it and transmitting it to others through bites.

Success of Vaccines

If you want to know how effective pet vaccines can be, look at canine distemper. Before a vaccine became widely available in the 1950s, the disease could wipe out large portions of dogs and puppies in communities. Although canine distemper has not been stamped out, the vaccine provides nearly 100% immunity to dogs and puppies that have been fully vaccinated.

Visit Our Animal Hospital for Parasite Prevention from Our Long Beach Veterinarian

Parasite prevention and vaccinations are two things you can do to make sure your pet stays safe and healthy. If you live in Long Beach, CA, contact Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital at (562) 439-4228 to make an appointment today.

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