When your pet is injured or ill, there is no time to waste. Whether you observe an accident or injury or you suspect your pet is suffering from an infection or post-op surgery complication, contact our veterinarian right away. If are in or around Long Beach, CA, contact us at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital for fast intervention and treatment for your pet.

Emergency Animal Hospital 

If you have a dog or cat, you know to expect the unexpected. Accidental injuries and issues can arise at any time. The way to prevent a disaster is for pet owners to know their pet’s behaviors and recognize when something is wrong. Pets suffer silently much of the time. It can be hard to discern when they are in distress or injured, especially when there are no obvious signs of trauma. Contact our veterinarian when you detect changes in your pets that could be indicative of an injury, illness, or infection.

Pet Surgery and Care

Another situation that warrants close attention for owners is after their pets have undergone surgery. Owners should pay attention to post-op recommendations and recovery tips provided by our veterinarian. After an operation or surgery, it is imperative for pets to take it easy. At least a week of downtime is suggested. During this time, keep your pets’ activity restricted and supervise them as much as possible. After surgery, pets can develop life threatening infections, which is why it is so vital to contact a veterinarian if you notice that your pets are not acting like themselves.

Some other post-surgery suggestions include not bathing the pets, checking any surgical sites a couple times a day, keeping pets confined in a comfortable room, and following up with your veterinarian as recommended.

Have a pet emergency? Contact our veterinarian right away. 

If you have pets, keep the contact information for your local veterinarian nearby to save time in an emergency. When a crisis strikes, call on us at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, CA.

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