Not all owners have the luxury of being able to trim their pet’s nails at home, but for those who can….

Do you know what to do if you accidentally trim your pet’s nail too short? 

When trimming your pet’s nails, there may come a time when you accidentally cause bleeding. It happens to all of us! Some pets have light colored or white nails and can see where the quick starts (the blood supply to the nail; it’s pink), while others have black nails making the quick harder to see. No matter what nail color your pet has, you want to do your best to not clip the quick because that could lead to bleeding and pain. If you were to accidentally trim the nail too short, you need a method to control bleeding. You can apply some Kwik Stop to the bleeding nail and apply moderate pressure (always remember to follow the directions on the bottle). Don’t have any Kwik-Stop? You can create your own paste from items you probably already have in your pantry. Take flour or corn starch, add a little water and create a paste to apply to the bleeding nail. Remember, accidents happen and the first step is to control the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t subside within a few minutes, make sure to take your pet to the nearest vet.

Key Points

* Invest in a bottle of “Kwik Stop” (Styptic Powder) – This can be found at any pet store.  Just because you don’t need it now, does not mean you won’t need it ever.

* Don’t have “Kwik Stop”…. Use FLOUR or CORNSTARCH and create your own homemade paste.

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