Millions of Americans suffer from allergies every year. When itchy eyes, sore throats and runny noses ruin our day, we can go to the doctor and receive treatment. Just like people, animals also suffer from seasonal allergies.

Unfortunately, they cannot tell us what is wrong. So, it is important to stay alert for allergy symptoms that indicate it is to time to visit the veterinarian. At Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, CA, we can diagnose pet allergies and help your little guys feel better again.

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

If your pet changes their behavior or seems to feel under the weather, bring them into the veterinarian for a checkup.

Here are common signs your pet has allergies:

  • Scratching and Biting: If your pet is constantly scratching or biting areas of their body, they are probably trying to relieve itchiness. This can make the skin red and inflamed and aggravate allergies and other skin problems. Give your pet a bath with mild shampoo for temporary relief and make an appointment at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital as soon as possible.
  • Inflamed Skin: When pets are allergic to substances, their skin often becomes red and itchy. Some pets develop skin infections because they tear at their skin to relieve the itchiness.
  • Excessive Shedding: Pets with allergies often suffer from hair loss and increased shedding. You may also notice dandruff as a side effect of common pet allergies, which cause the skin to dry out and flake. 
  • Paw Licking: Compulsive paw licking may indicate allergies in dogs.
  • Scooting and Anal Licking: Dogs sometimes exhibit this behavior if they have issues with their anal glands. This is often a symptom of allergies. 
  • Chronic Ear Infections: Dog breeds with floppy ears such as cocker spaniels often get ear infections, which are sometimes related to allergies.
  • Respiratory Issues: Cats often have respiratory issues related to allergies. The condition is less prevalent in dogs. 

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At Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, CA, we can help your pet recover from allergy symptoms and start acting like themselves again.

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