Long Beach, California isn’t the smallest community to live in, even for those who don’t have trouble getting around. This can make getting your pets to their annual exams, or even to an animal hospital for emergency care, a bit of a nuisance. Here at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital we’ve solved that problem by providing mobile veterinary services.

A Mobile Vet Service Solves a Huge Need

Most public transit resources don’t allow or are leery about having pets on board or in close proximity to other passengers, and share-ride providers aren’t always thrilled to transport a dog or cat either. Many pet owners find themselves either having to arrange for help from someone with a car or walk, and often, that’s not a viable solution.

A Rolling Solution to a Common Problem

Mobile vet resources have become more and more popular in Southern California because of the very fact that getting from a home to a vet can be a sizable distance. Instead of expecting pet owners to travel, a mobile vet resource comes to the neighborhood of the pet owner, reducing the distance and making it far easier for pet owners to get help, prescriptions, pet health checks, and necessary animal vaccinations to prevent disease or sickness, as well as to meet pet licensing requirements.

Veterinarian Help Locally Available

Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital makes it possible for pet owners in Long Beach to receive expert veterinarian care where they live. If you’re a pet owner and struggling with trying to figure out how to take care of your pet in Long Beach, the solution is simple. Call us at Cats & Dogs Hospital to find out when our mobile vet service will next be near you to schedule a checkup, exam, or treatment for your pet. You don’t need to go out of your way or struggle through friends or relatives trying to figure out how to keep your pet healthy. Call Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital to find out how to take advantage of our mobile vet program. Call us at 562-439-4228 to find out more.

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