Are you planning for a vacation and wondering what to do with your dog or cat? Taking your precious animal to a boarding facility is an excellent choice.

At Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, California, we give your furry friend a comfortable life and keep them like family. The following are some of the benefits you get from leaving your pet in a pet boarding facility when you go on your vacation.


Pet boarding facilities may present a new environment to your pet, but it also comes with other pets and people to socialize. If your pet is playful, there are a lot of other animals to interact and play with him or her. Playing and socializing with people and other animals improves your pet’s behavior and socialization skills.

Proper Nutrition

When you take your pet to a pet boarding facility, he or she is guaranteed healthy food and an adequate supply of clean water. Every pet owner has to answer some questions about every pet’s individual nutritional requirements to ensure that the diet is met.

Medical Supervision and Care

Our pet boarding facility has experienced professionals who can easily detect and address a health problem. We also come in handy when dealing with a pet with specific dietary requirements.

Regular Feeding and Exercise

Our pet boarding facility always ensures to keep up with your pet’s routine. It helps with their stay, making them feel that even though the environment is different, some things are still the same. Caregivers at our facility will help your pet maintain his or her usual schedule for feeding, sleeping, cleaning, and exercising.

Home Privacy

If you are not comfortable allowing a stranger in your house to pet-sit, taking him or her to our boarding facility will give you much-needed peace of mind.

Contact Us at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital for Pet Boarding Services

Stop stressing about your pet when planning for your next vacation. Our team is committed to providing pets the health care they need for a happy and healthy life. Visit us at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, California, or call us at (562)-439-4228 for more information about our veterinary services.

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