We humans have it easy. If we’re bothered by a rash, dry skin, irritation, itching, or other conditions, we usually make a run to the drugstore. In more severe cases, we seek out physicians who can diagnose and treat us.

Did you know that pets in the Long Beach area have the same dermatology treatment options? Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital can treat common skin conditions and pet allergies, in addition to addressing other problems.

Here are 5 Signs it may be time to see a veterinary dermatologist:

Everything Seems to Trigger Your Pet’s Irritation

Yes, your pet can get seasonal allergies. They may be triggered by all the usual suspects – dust mites, pollen, mold, or ragweed (just to name a few). Cue biting, scratching, irritation, and skin now susceptible to infection. What’s more, environmental allergens are just one possible issue plaguing your pet.

Your Pet May Be Allergic to its Food

If your pet has been a grazer when it comes to food, chances are it’s not just because they’re being picky. Ingredients and byproducts in food may also cause an upset stomach, ear inflammation, patchy skin, and more.

You Didn’t Spot Treat For Fleas

If your pet’s skin problem is a little more visible – in the form of quick jumping critters like fleas – it means you weren’t overly proactive in trying to keep those pests away. Talk to us about popular spot treatments to protect your pet. You’ll also need to rid your house of the insects.

There’s a Noticeable Pattern of Hair Loss

You’ve probably heard of ringworm, which is a fungal infection of the skin. It gets its name because it often causes noticeable circular patches of hair loss.

There’s Evidence of Another Contact Allergy

If your pet’s skin is red and bumpy and shows visible irritation, they may have another type of allergy that can only be diagnosed with veterinary assistance.

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